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The promotional period starts on September 6th, and we will go live on September 23rd!

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Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links


Affiliate Links

Interview Release Dates


Affiliate Links

Solo Email Copy

Solo Email Copy

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SUBJ #1: Live a life of unbounded potential!
: Stop holding yourself back!
: Unbind your potential and take control of your life!
: Are you your own worst enemy?

Hi <NAME>,


Speaker, insert introductory paragraph here with a personal story or anecdote.


I believe that being honest with ourselves about who we are and where we have been is vital to building a successful and healthy future.

That's why I was so thrilled when my friend and founder and CEO of The Up, Inc., Laura Durance, told me she was hosting an interview series all around this topic. She has gathered a spectacular group of speakers who are all passionate about helping others reach their full potential!


It's called: The Potential of You; Master thoughts and habits for a life of unbounded potential.


I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend. You can register using this >>LINK<<


The best part is that this series is for anyone interested in learning how to overcome negative thoughts, manage emotions and empower themselves to live the life they want and deserve. You’ll even be able to watch from your own home or office or listen on the go.


Laura has 10+ experts who are coming together to help you find the keys to taking control of your destiny and unbinding your potential. Together, we want to show you that the potential for health and happiness is already inside you; you just need the keys to unlocking it!


This complimentary ticket is for anyone in my community. It gives you the opportunity for free insight from people who are passionate about sharing the tools for creating the life you want. This is why I'm so glad Laura is hosting this and that I get to share it with you.


You can register for The Potential of You series here: >>LINK<< 



PS.  You don't want to miss this series! We go live Monday, September 23rd, so don't wait. Register today!

Newsletter Blurb Copy

Newsletter Blurb Copy

Everyone has their own story, a history that shapes who they are today. Some of these stories depict physical, mental and emotional pain; struggle; loss and failure.  But these past themes don't have to carry over into the future.

I believe that being honest with ourselves about who we are and where we have been is vital to building a successful and healthy life.

That's why I want you to join me and more than 10 other phenomenal speakers as we share our strategies for achieving liberation form unhealthy habits. Laura Durance, founder and CEO of The Up, Inc., has gathered together a group of influencers with a passion for helping others maximize their potential for a powerful online interview series.

It's called: The Potential of You; Master thoughts and habits for a life of unbounded potential.


I believe in these strategies so much that I'm not only a guest speaker, I'm also a subscriber. You can join me by signing up using this >>LINK<<

The series airs Monday, September 23rd. You don't want to miss it!

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