Inspiring communities to connect through self-discovery and life-skills education.


We lead the individual in self-discovery, by providing the information needed to navigate and explore parts of self, current environment, and the social world.

Equality of


We start with a stance of compassion for the individual. We believe this kindness has the potential to open conversations that will enrich the lives and communities that we serve.



We encourage connection through dialogue, community exploration, and service; human commonality is the foundation essential to individual success.



We are committed to the accuracy and consistency of stored data and hold educating with accurate statistics and information in the highest regards.


The Courage to Pursue Unbounded Potential 


The Up method measures the adaptability of the individuals learning process to ensure that the curriculum is consistently defining, reinforcing, and updating the student's value structure preparing them for the future. 

The Up program adopts the coaching approach by providing education and  facilitating change in student’s lives. Our philosophy is to teach and confirm the retention of information navigation tools and the decision-making process rather than memorization of content on self-care and personal responsibility; equipping the individual with the skills for manage their lives and plan for the future.


Our measurement of success is a reduction in experiences perceived as negative and an increase in emotional processing with the use of critical thinking and curiosity versus anxiety and aggression.


We build course curriculums with evidence-based research, expert interviews, literary works, and historical facts. 

We use that information to create adaptive and interactive learning with a blend of video lecture, collaborative participation including real-time surveys for visual-aid, community resource exploration, crisis simulation, and emotional dexterity practice in our Team Up discussion forums.

Knowledge: facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education

  • Interactive Expert Lectures

  • Real-Time Surveys

  • Historical Literature


Capability: the power or ability to do something

  • Community Exploration

  • Crisis Simulation

  • Emotional Awareness Training


Desire: strongly wish for or want

  • Life Vision & Goal Setting

  • Health Program Development

  • Emotional dexterity practice in Team Up forums


Where We Make Emotional Athletes: A Team Up discussion forum is our training ground where two or more students gather for personal enrichment. Students offer each other peer support by sharing experiences about how they manage life situations without returning to anxiety, aggression, unhealthy habits, alcohol or drugs or self-harm behaviors.


Some of the Team Up’s have speakers who share their experience of afflictions, while others have structured formats that focus on literature.