The Courage to Pursue

Inspiring communities to connect through

self-discovery and life-skills education. 



The Courage to Pursue Unbounded Potential 

The Up, Inc. started with a vision from its founder on the future of education. This vision originated, not while triple majoring in undergrad, obtaining an MBA or pursuing a successful career in the healthcare industry, but from the self-discovery and life education she rigorously and, at times, necessarily had to put herself through. After being diagnosed with PTSD from early childhood trauma, battling debilitating anxiety and overcoming addiction – she read, she explored resources, she sought experts, and she became the expert while asking: Who Am I? How do I unbind my potential? And there lied the answer: EDUCATION. It was the education she did not receive in school on self-care, trauma, the inner workings of the brain and human emotion. There was a noticeable gap in teaching how to overcome negative thoughts and manage emotions like fear, shame, anger and anxiety. She recognized that this is the gap that is preventing us from  connecting and understanding what it means to be human.


It was time to step aside of society's push to claim victimhood and take responsibility for anyone that would allow her help. The Up was founded to share her mastery of healthy habit formation and personal responsibility; mentally, physically and financially.  The Up,’s mission, in its proactive approach, is to inspire communities to connect through self-discovery and non-traditional life-skills education, where it is needed most; in our schools, in our healthcare institutions, and in our workplaces globally. 



May ‘19

The Up, Inc. assembled a board of motivated individuals inspired to change the world through non-traditional education. 

Sept ‘19

Oct ‘19

The Up begins its first schoolwide assessment with participating districts and launches its personal development workshops for educators and individuals nationwide.

Jan ‘20

The Up conducts case studies in participating districts and distributes curriculum with help from its strategic partners.  

The Up’s “The Potential of You” Interview Series Launches with experts across the nation in an effort to bring awareness to the need for self-discovery and life-skills education.



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Neuroscience for Developing Healthy Habits 

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